Saving up to 90% of waste from landfills

America Has a Serious Plastic Waste Problem

The concept for necoWaste started in 2007 when necoTECH’s CEO, Steve Flaherty, was in his MBA program. He recognized that plastic waste was becoming a huge problem, both in America and worldwide.

Most Americans did not realize the magnitude of the plastic waste problem until 2018. That is when China implemented their national sword effort and stopped taking plastic waste from Western countries.

Until then, Western countries had been paid to send their plastic waste to China and other Asian countries. So, suddenly, we have this big plastic crisis. Plastics filling up the beaches, straws going up sea turtles’ noses, and much more.

Most recycling streams not just the plastics, but plastics, paper, and cardboard, went from commodity pricing here to the bottom of the barrel. As a result, many municipalities have to shut down recycling programs because the profit is not there anymore.

Municipal Recycling Programs

Did you know that most municipalities do not actually recycle the majority of what is in the recycle bins? 

We call this “wish-cycling.” The recycle sorting methods in use are not able to identify and sort the various recycling streams effectively.

necoWaste is addressing these problems

Our goals is to divert more than 90% of municipal solid waste (MSW) from landfills. In fact, we may be able to reclaims entire landfills in the future, and mine the resources from existing landfills.

With our unique combination of patented technologies, necoWaste can decontaminate, sort, and recycle more than 90% of trash that would traditionally go into landfills.

We are currently working with our waste industry partners, a well as the United States Air Force, and other DoD branches, to refine our process for full landfill diversion and waste recovery.

With the recycling market being $56.15B (Statista 2021), there is a large opportunity for necoWaste to play a critical role in the circular economy.

Recycling Waste into Products Used in Infrastructure

We need to have places to use this seemingly endless supply of recycled waste. This is why necoTECH focuses largely on the infrastructure market. We are testing this right now with the US Air Force.

Potential Markets

Asphalt Additives

$4+ Billion


$775 Billion


$4 Trillion

Trash to Tarmac

necoWaste is the starting point for the vertical integration for all the other technology of necoTECH. The necoWaste processes act as a feedstock for necoPlastics, necoPave, and necoCrete.

necoPlastics leverages one of our patented technologies to create products such as recycled polymers for necoPave to use in asphalt for roads, runways, parking lots, and roofing materials.

necoCrete is using a technology that we licensed from NASA for sequestering CO2 emissions into concrete and so on.

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