Recycling Plastic into Viable Products

Recycled Plastic Materials

Currently only 9% of plastics are recycled

necoPlastics is focused on developing recycled plastic materials, from necoWaste and other recycling partners, for use in infrastructure and building materials.

We help governments, citizens, and corporations divert their plastic waste from landfills and waterways and create circular economies or beneficial reuse products with our technologies.

Our recycling partners can provide us with a virtually unlimited supply of certain types of plastics. We can process these plastics into viable infrastructure products such as necoPave recycled modified pavement, sustainable bricks, blocks, fuel, and much more.

The Plastics industry presents a market opportunity of over $42.3 billion.

Recycled Polymer Modified Pavement

Polymers (plastics) have been proven to be the best pavement modifiers for several years, but it’s typically been virgin grade polymers. We are seeing very promising research results using necoPlastics’ recycled polymers in asphalt.

Other necoPlastics Uses

Here are some of the uses that we are researching with the Department of Defense, as well as our industry partners:



Building Materials

Structural Lumber


Railroad Ties
Jet Fuel
Indoor Insulation

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