Sustainable Concrete Technologies

Cementitious Material

Concrete is the second most used substance in the world, next to water.

At necoCrete, we are committed to revolutionizing the concrete industry by developing stronger, lighter, and more sustainable forms of this essential material.

Traditional concrete production heavily relies on Portland cement, which poses significant environmental challenges. 

Portland cement production is associated with high carbon emissions and contributes to resource depletion. However, necoTECH aims to address these issues head-on by prioritizing sustainable cementitious materials and reducing reliance on Portland cement.

By focusing on innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives, necoCrete aims to minimize or eliminate one of the most toxic, unsustainable, and emission-intensive components of concrete production. 

Through our research and development efforts, we strive to introduce cementitious materials that are more sustainable, lower in carbon footprint, and have reduced environmental impact.

Commercial Sectors

Military and FAA rapid runway repair
HOTPOD rapid asphalt repair system
Bags sold in retail stores
Buil sales to contractros and municipalities
Licensing to companies for manufature and sales

Licensed Technologies

Carbon Sequestering Concrete
Sustainable Replacement for Portland Cement
Cementless Flowable Concrete
Mobile 3D Concrete Printing System

Carbon Sequestered Concrete

The manufacturing of concrete creates so much CO2 emission that, if it were a country, it would be the 3rd largest CO2 polluter in the world.

necoTECH has licensed a patent from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to sequester CO2 and put it back into concrete.

Laboratory tests indicate that this makes a stronger concrete, and it protects the rebar from corrosion. Imagine a future with no more buildings or bridges collapsing from eroding rebar!

NASA originally designed this sequestering process to reuse carbon emissions from breathing apparatus in space. Further research demonstrated that this CO2 could ideally be used in concrete structure in space as well as here on Earth. necoTECH already owns the domains for “,” “,” and many more.

If our R&D is as successful as we hope, necoTECH will have an early footprint in outer space. Meanwhile, here on Earth, we plan to make our product available globally to virtually anyone who manufactures concrete.

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