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We are redefining  the future of sustainable infrastructure

Derived from the combination of "neo" (meaning new) and "eco" (representing ecological), necoTECH embodies our commitment to revolutionize construction practices with environmentally friendly building materials.

Our primary objective is to construct sustainable infrastructure that not only meets the highest standards of eco-consciousness but also contributes to a greener and healthier world. 

necoTECH began its journey by pioneering the use of award-winning recycled plastics in asphalt roads. Since then, we have relentlessly expanded our horizons, leveraging cutting-edge equipment and continuously developing eco-friendly materials.

Join us as we forge ahead in revolutionizing the construction industry and setting new benchmarks for sustainability.

Climate Change

Recent policy changes are paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Infrastructure Funding

double overpass
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law enacted by congress includes roughly $1.2 trillion of infrastructure funding.

Clean Energy

Waterfall Power Plant
The Inflation Reduction Act will invest $369B in climate solutions aimed at a 40% emission reduction by 2030.

The neco Advantage

We utilize our strategic relationships with DoD and commercial partners to leverage our proven system for dual-use market commercialization

R&D Funding

Funding R&D through defense contracts

Commercial Use

The goal of R&D is commercial sales


100% recycled asphalt production plants

Industry Potential

Our team is forward-thinking and constantly working to develop new technologies that will help reduce plastics and other waste around the world.

Solid Waste

$57.5+ Billion


$4+ Trillion

Plastics Recycling

$43.3+ Billion
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Here are some of the awards won by necoTECH and our family of companies.

pepperdine gradiadio

Pepperdine Graziadio

Most Fundable Companies - Fan Favorite!
Award Details

NextCycle Michigan

Roads and Pathways (ROADS) - Alumni Team
Award Details
techconnect innovation award


National Innovation Award 2023
Award Details
Xtech logo

xTech Manufacture

EV Powered Mobile 3D Concrete Printing
Award Details
Impact 22 Logo

Impact 22 Conference

IMPACT Award Winner - Startup Pitch Challenge
Award Details
fast company logo

Fast Company

The most innovative companies with <10 employees
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